The Benefits of Choosing Asphalt

Why asphalt might be the best choice for your driveway paving project

.Pavement in Cleveland, OH will see its fair share of all four seasons. The bitter winter brings potholes and cracking, the hot summer brings expanding and bumping, and overall wear and tear can mean more damage to our roads, sidewalks, lots, and driveways.

Those native to the Cleveland area know how vital it is to work with reliable materials when it comes to paving and construction; materials that can last through every cold front and temperature spike without bringing added frustration to the fold. This is why so many local contractors work with asphalt.
Asphalt is a material most are familiar with, but that many don’t always choose first. Asphalt paving, however, brings an array of benefits to any property and project. These benefits include:
It’s Cost-Effective – Asphalt is often a portion of the cost of other materials, offering a better price per square foot than concrete. This material is also long-lasting, but easy on the wallet to fix and maintain from season to season.
It’s Great in Our Climate – Winter is known to claim a driveway or intersection every year, especially in the Cleveland area. Whether your driveway requires daily shoveling or salting, asphalt holds up, often coming out of the season unharmed or with very minimal damage, which is easy and cheap to fix!
It Looks Clean – A freshly paved asphalt driveway offers a dark, clean finish to the curb appeal of your property. When paved correctly by a professional asphalt paving contractor like our team at Sirna Construction Inc., your driveway will be the (positive) talk of the neighborhood!
It Lasts – Asphalt requires regular maintenance, but ultimately can last for well over a decade if properly maintained. Our professionals offer asphalt sealcoating, asphalt crack filling, asphalt patch work (including cold patch asphalt), asphalt milling, and more to maximize the longevity of your driveway.
If you live in the Cleveland area and are interested in working with a reliable, experienced asphalt paving contractor to complete your driveway, Sirna Construction Inc. is here to help. Get in touch with our professional asphalt contractors today to get started.
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