Parking Lot Repair

The Trusted Source for Parking Lot Repairs in the Cleveland, OH Region

Another smart alternative to new parking lot installation is hiring an experienced commercial paving company for your parking lot repair. Local businesses across Cleveland, OH depend on Sirna Construction Inc. to repair potholes, cracks, and any other issues with their parking lots.
When you have a parking lot for clients and employees, maintaining it is essential. Sirna Construction Inc. can help keep your parking lot in great condition throughout the year with regular parking lot maintenance services. Whether your parking lot has cracked during the winter or from normal wear and tear, our commercial paving contractors can assist! Feel free to contact us today to learn more! 

Signs You Need Parking Lot Repair

No parking lot lasts forever. When well cared for, concrete parking lots can last for around 30 years, while asphalt parking lots can last for about 25. Many factors will affect your parking lot’s lifespan, so it’s important to stay on top of any potential problems before they become more serious and require a replacement. Here are some signs that you might need parking lot repairs:

As asphalt and concrete age, they develop cracks. This can become a problem, especially in the Cleveland, OH area, as water can seep into cracks, freeze in the winter, expand, and widen the cracks. Catch small cracks early and repair them with the help of a paving contractor to avoid major repairs or replacements.
Potholes are an eyesore but also a safety risk. They can damage your vehicle and injure pedestrians, and they will only get bigger with freezing water in the winter. Address potholes early to avoid major problems that require expensive repairs and replacements.
The color of your parking lot might fade because of various reasons, including UV exposure, weather, oil spills, and more. A faded parking lot indicates a lack of protective sealing, making your lot vulnerable to further problems from contaminants. 
Pooling Water
Water settling on the parking lot can cause damage to the pavement. This might have happened because of an unlevel surface or poor drainage; it’s important to address the issue because pooling water can cause damage.

Secure the Look & Functionality of your Surface with our Parking Lot Sealcoating Services

Once our skilled technicians eliminate the cracks from your damaged parking lot, it’s imperative that you take the proper steps to protect your investment. Fortunately, with the assistance of Sirna Construction, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You can rely on our paving experts to administer contemporary parking lot sealcoating service at some of the most competitive rates in the Cleveland, OH region.

Modern sealcoating services will eliminate the threat of severe damage and cracks for years to come. On top of that, your parking lot will look great, and remain easy to maintain. If you have any additional questions concerning our sealcoating services, don’t waste another moment. Be sure to contact one of the friendly representatives at Sirna Construction Inc. to jumpstart the application process!

Contact our Certified Technicians for Parking Lot Maintenance & Line Striping Today

Sirna Construction Inc. can provide a free estimate for your commercial parking lot repair needs. Our team can also provide quality line striping to provide your lot a fresh look for your employees and customers. Please contact us today so that we can take a look at your business’s parking lot and recommend the necessary repairs. When you would like to save money and receive service from the most trusted name in parking lot repairs in your area, call the paving contractors at Sirna Construction Inc.